Qualcomm Plans to Support Amazon Web Service’s New Greengrass Platform Across Portfolios

Qualcomm said Wednesday that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, will support Amazon’s (AMZN) Amazon Web Services Greengrass platform across a variety of its portfolios.

The Greengrass platform is set to expand AWS Internet of Things and Lambda to customers’ devices and programs, using the same programming that is used in the cloud. The company said the pairing allows “for the use of both local device and cloud-based storage, as well as the execution and messaging for crucial IoT applications that cannot rely exclusively on the clouds, such as medical equipment, industrial machinery and building automation.”

The pairing could create cost savings measures through reduced data usage and cloud storage, reduced latency and compliance and privacy support. The platform essentially will allow for designers and manufacturers to realize the opportunities to develop and commercialize applications from the Internet of Things, close storage and other software solutions.

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